We have decided to share a volunteers story and to thank them for going the extra mile, by nominating a ‘Volunteer of the month’ each month. This month it is our volunteer, Bill – read below to find out how amazing he has been.

Bill became a HUB volunteer last July, and has been such an amazing mentor since. Bill has worked with a young person who came from a difficult family background and was confused around some of the reasons as to why his life is like it is. Bill worked with this young person, providing work around managing emotions, positive activities as well as being a positive male role model. Bill’s consistent support has had a large impact on this young person’s life, and has provided his mentee with the skills to be able to talk about how he is feeling, as well as supporting him in accessing further support. Bill came up with impressively creative games and ideas for his mentoring sessions, which left staff just as excited as his mentee. Bill has now left us to go travelling, and we all hope that he will come back and join us at some point in the future. All the best Bill, you will be greatly missed at The HUB!