Month: January 2017

Volunteer of the month – January 2017

starWe have decided to share a volunteers story and to thank them for going the extra mile, by nominating a ‘Volunteer of the month’ each month. This month it is our volunteer, Becky– read below to find out how amazing she has been.

Becky has taken on many different mentoring cases since she first started volunteering for The HUB, and the young people she supports are all completely different. Becky supported a mentee who wanted to stay active over the summer, through their work together it became evident that this young person experienced severe anxiety and was rarely leaving their house. Through her support they are now able to attend fitness sessions on their own, go to the gym and have just started at a new job! Becky is brilliant at engaging young people through lots of different activities and is always prepared to try something new herself, she is also brilliant at simply listening to young people and talking them through any worries they have. Becky has most recently started volunteering for The Sunflower Project, where I feel she will be an amazing support to the children and young people she meets. Thank you Becky, you are a true star!

Inclusion Event THIS Sunday!

The HUB are holding an Inclusion Event this Sunday, 15th January from 12pm – 3pm for young people, families, professionals…ANYONE!… to come by and learn more about our current and upcoming inclusion work.

We will have rooms allocated for our different groups: LGBTQ+, BME and Young Carers. Inclusion is so important in terms of young people’s holistic health, identity, acceptance, confidence, self-esteem, social connections, pride and so much more. In our inclusion event, and subsequently our inclusion groups, we will be promoting aspects such as positive integration, peer support, raising awareness and more. Please come along if you feel like you, or someone you know could benefit from some support, or even if you are curious.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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