starWe have decided to share a volunteers story and to thank them for going the extra mile, by nominating a ‘Volunteer of the month’ each month. This month it is our volunteer, Julie – read below to find out how amazing she has been.

Julie has been working with her mentee since February 2015, Julie has stood by her mentee and been able to support her through some really tough times. Julie has attended numerous multi-agency meetings and has been there to help her mentee to voice her views. Julie has been a reliable, consistent and supportive person for her mentee and has been there for them every step of the way. We have all been able to see a huge change in her mentee over time. This month Julie’s mentee said to her social worker that she no longer felt that she needed mentoring, as she was in such a ‘happy’ and ‘good’ place. I would like to thank Julie for all of her time and commitment which she gives as a mentor. It’s an end of an era!

Thank you, Julie!