Month: September 2016

We won!!!!!!!!!!!!! CI Equality and Diversity Award

We are absolutely delighted to inform you of an award we received last week from the Channel Islands Equality and Diversity Awards Evening.

‘Speak Out’ was nominated for the best Not for Profit Support Initiative and WE WON!

Speak Out is a support service run by The HUB, Barnardo’s and primarily supports young people who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity. Once a week Speak Out runs a youth group, which covers a wide range of topics from ‘coming out’, family support, gender identity, staying safe and where to find support. We have also been lucky enough to be visited by guest speakers who have delivered targeted sessions on internet safety and sexual health as well as having a visit from two States members. As we knew it would, Speak Out has uncovered the need for LGBT+ support for young people in Guernsey.

As well as providing information, advice and support to the young people, Speak Out also aims to build a community for young people who identify as LGBT+ on the island, so we have looked at more social aspects of the group – going bowling, having a picnic etc. Strong friendships have been made by young people attending the group from different schools who may to have met if this group did not exist. We have an online community on Facebook that the group uses to communicate to each other which is very population. Young people hope to create an online forum to develop content to help support other young people who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity.

“The group is a place where I can be myself and see loads of other people who are LGBT+.”

 “It’s practically a safe haven for me and my friends, where we can enjoy ourselves and openly talk about our sexuality and gender identity without being discriminated.”

 “It is nice to finally go somewhere without the fear of being judged.”

 “I hope that one day Speak Out can change the lives of the LGBT+ community in the Channel Islands, and the UK.”



SIBS picnic fun

On a warm sunny day in August our SIBS group went to the beach for a picnic. The picnic was a great chance for the group to meet again and catch up on how their summer has been and looking forward to the next academic year. Whilst at the beach we ate a lot of picnic food, and did lots of fun activities. We completed a scavenger hunt, went rock pooling and played various other games. It was a great chance for the children to have some time on their own and have 1:1 attention.

SIBS is a group for a children who have a sibling with a disability, we are looking to run another SIBS group so for further information please contact Rosie:


Another year at The HUB…

We’re delighted to share with you a summary of our annual report which you can find on the prezi link below.

We’re so proud of all the children, young people and families that we’ve met over the last year and so grateful to all of our partner agencies, volunteers and supporters, without whom, we wouldn’t be available for so many people.

If you’d like more information, or a copy of our full report, please get in touch.

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