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Set Sail Trust – Sunflower Project

 Set Sail Trust – Sunflower Project

Weekend in Herm 2016

‘We’re here to have fun’

As the project worker for The Sunflower Project (The Barnardo’s bereavement service based at The HUB) ‘We’re here to have fun’ is not a phrase I usually say. But on Saturday that is exactly what I said as we set off on the Travel Trident with five bereaved families, for a weekend of outdoor activities, eating at The Mermaid and staying in the cottages. We were accompanied by Grace (Sunflower Volunteer) and Rob Moore (Channel TV reporter) armed with his camera to capture the fun.


Grace being interviewed by Rob Moore for Channel TV

The morning got under way with a hearty breakfast of bacon butties and some interviews about our plans and the value of such events. Then off to Shell Beach for some kayaking. Alfie and Ash from Outdoor Guernsey got us onto the water for some speedy training and then straight round to Belvoir. The sunny morning provided the perfect setting and the tide was in our favour. There were challenges for everyone and some very brave efforts, including standing up and tipping in! (Sorry to Grace).  We even managed to spot some puffins. On our return to the beach one of the boys said ‘when we were out there I wanted it to finish, I had had enough but as soon as we stopped I wanted another go.’ There really was a sense of achievement when we had finished and some great team work with parents and children working together.


Demonstration of some impressive balancing skills

After a very welcome lunch it was off for more fun with Outdoor Guernsey. The group was split and the two teams battled it out. I think everyone had some great hits and some random shots, the bull’s eye was scored and balloons were popped. Emma from The HUB joined us to take up the bow and provide encouragement for everyone.


Lunch at The Mermaid followed by some archery


I was very sorry to leave the group at teatime but the fun continued with more food at The Mermaid and an opportunity for some creative time with Emma and Grace at the cottages. All the children wrote a post card to their loved one who had died which they then posted in a special ceremony at the end of the trip.

Sunday morning sped by and it was off to the boat but there was a sense of friendships made and a team spirit.   Everyone had participated 100% and there was an air of achievement. For some it was the first time in Herm since the loss of their family member and being able to have those memories with others who really understand was very helpful. One family emailed me with ‘We are both glad we went and plan to get involved in more Outdoor Guernsey activities soon.’

Saying good bye to Herm, new friends made, challenges accomplished and fun had!




Thank you to everyone who made this trip such a success: Set Sail Trust, Channel Islands Co Operative Society, Travel Trident, Outdoor Guernsey, Herm Cottages, The Mermaid, The Partnership Agency,

Emma, Grace, Denise

and most of all 5 very special families.



SIBS play Crazy Golf!

SIBS is a set of 6 weekly sessions which allows children who have a sibling with a disability or additional need to get together, allowing them the opportunity to discuss feelings and emotions in an environment with others who understand.

We have now run 2 courses and have amalgamated the groups who now meet on a monthly basis.

It was felt that the SIBS would benefit from a fun activity that would help them to bond as a group. We also wanted them to gave the opportunity to have time away from their sibling during the holidays.

A group of 5 siblings aged between 8 and 12 years tried their hand at Mini Golf. Once initial nerves and I am going to rubbish at this has been said much laughter was heard. Golf balls were lost in the bushes and in the stream and quite a lot of cheating by the of moving golf balls went on. Unfortunately no hole in ones were had but a fun morning was had by all.

Muddy Day – Unite

On a damp Saturday morning last week, ‘Muddy Day’ was held at Rue Mainguy. The aim of the morning was to allow children with a disability or additional needs to experience outdoor activities in a safe and secure environment. 11 girls and boys aged between 10 and 17 years participated in activities set up by Network, part of the scout association.

The children and their parents were able to follow a string trail through a wooded area, climbing over and under tree branches. Some opted to have a go blindfolded and were supported by volunteers or their parents. A scavenger hunt was also laid on with objects such as an unusual object to be found.

To finish the morning off hot dogs in a roll were handed out followed by s’mores – this involved cooking the marshmallows over an open fire then eating then squashed between 2 biscuits. Needless to say this was very popular!!!!

The children and their parents went home a little colder and a little wetter but had had a thoroughly enjoyable time!! THANK YOU!

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