Month: February 2016

Want to work for The HUB?

We’re recruiting a 5 hour post to support LGBT+ young people on Guernsey through our service Speak Out. Please check out the link below to find out more about this exciting oppotunity…

Safer Internet Day #SID2016

It’s the return of Safer Internet Day #SID2016 again and here at #iHUB we were proud to be part of something entirely different in Guernsey to celebrate this. Since September we have been busy working with other amazing people including Safe And Secure Online, Digital Greenhouse, Data Protection, The Guernsey eSafety Committee and more to put on the first ever DigitalACE event at Beau Sejour. This was designed to help young people in Guernsey Aspire, Create and Empower themselves with the digital world. The event though wasn’t aimed at just young people in Guernsey, it was open to all, to showcase and highlight the amazing world that digital puts us in. There really was something for everybody there, with all 3 mobile providers present giving lots of tips and advice, to some of the islands young Digital Leaders, students from the Guernsey Grammar School, 3D printing, virtual reality, coding and talks from Mathew Parker from Safe And Secure talking about Cyber Security, Ken Cornish from SWGfL talking about Gaming, and iHUB’s Adam Burroughs talking about the online behaviours of the young people in Guernsey.

It was a fascinating event with over 1,500 people joining us throughout the course of the day, helping us spread the word that the internet and the digital world doesn’t have to be a scary place filled with danger, it can also be an amazing tool that can open your world to many positive possibilities. We can’t wait to get to work on next year’s DigitalACE event and make it even bigger still.

You’re Not Alone…

‘You’re not alone’  – this was the speedy response to my question – ‘So what is the most important thing you can say to a young person when someone close to them has just died?’  I was asking a member of the bereavement group.

Every time I work with someone who has been bereaved I learn something new.   In a group it is as if the sum of the individuals seems amplified, their ability to empathise and share is astounding  and I have been amazed at the impact.

Jonny was expressing how each young person has experienced a loss that is entirely unique and this can make them feel isolated and lonely.  When he heard another bereaved person talking about their day he realised he was not the only one and in the group he could talk about things that other friends don’t really understand.  A simple conversation about school today can start with ‘my friend was moaning about her mum! I wanted to say “at least you’ve got a mum!”‘ Immediately the group got it, they knew what he was talking about, they felt his pain and they started sharing experiences.

The Sunflower Project is starting a new bereavement group for 12-16 year olds who have had a parent or sibling die.  The group will be a safe place to remember a loved one, develop ways to cope with a loss and just have some fun with others who really understand.  Sessions will include creative remembering activities, like salt sculptures, watching video clips from other groups and possibly playing Jenga.

If you know of a young person who might benefit from the group please contact The HUB for more information, as soon as possible.  Tel: 724421, email:

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