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La Grande Soiree

To join us at this spectacular event, please email to reserve your table.  In February 2016, The HUB will be posting a parisian fundraising event at St Pierre Park.  We were fortunate enough to win 100 meals from St Pierre Park which means that nearly all of the costs of the tickets will be coming to directly benefit The HUB.

We have fantastic entertainment for the evening, including magic, comedy and performances from the Easter musical by GADOC, Les Miserables.

Tables of 10 for £650 which includes champagne reception, three course meal, entertainment and dancing.


To join us at this spectacular event, please email to reserve your table.

La Grande Soiree Flyer A5

Sunflower Project Bereavement Group for Children

Written by Grace Lindsay – Sunflower Project Volunteer

The Sunflower Project has just come to the end of its first six week support group for bereaved children aged between 8-12.

The group ran weekly and throughout the six sessions all of the children who attended the group took part in group and one-to-one activities to help build their resilience, confidence and give them some useful coping strategies to help them deal with difficult situations that they may come across.

Bereaved children can quite often feel lonely and isolated due to their loss, by creating a safe place for these children to share feelings and express worries they developed an incredible bond and formed new friendships.

Throughout the sessions we used some fun activities to enable the children to identify things which help them to feel better when they are feeling sad. The group came up with lots of ideas and we got them to write these on to a ‘Jenga Tower of Resilience’, in this way the children shared ways of coping with their situations.

This was the ‘Jenga tower of resilience!’

Sunflower Jenga

On our last session we all designed section and then joined them together form a banner. Each piece represented something of our experience of being part of the group, this included the volunteers! The end result was amazing, with everyone identifying really lovely elements of what made the group special to them.

                               This was the end result!

Sunflower Banner

Everyone left the last session with a Sunflower Ted looking forward to our group reunion in January.


Final session with our first group of SIBS

We held our final SIBS session before Christmas yesterday. SIBS is a group for young people who have a sibling with a disablility. In our final fun session we played lots of games. Throughout the 6 sessions, we explored feelings, discussed coping stratergies, shared experiences, played lots of games and had fun! I just want to say a huge thanks to all the SIBS who made the group so enjoyable!


A new SIBS group is starting after Christmas suitable for children aged 8-11. Please contact Lisa Lowe for more information.


The Sunflower Project Remembering Morning

The 2nd Sunflower Project ‘Remembering Morning’ at The HUB was a chance to have some crafty fun. Children and parents made baubles to remember the person who had died and then decorated candles to take home. It was an ideal opportunity to share ideas for coping at Christmas when your family has changed forever. Staff and volunteers handed out refreshments, encouraged creativity and provided some information and advice. All the children took home a little Sunflower ted along with some advice from Winston’s Wish. For more advice or information for coping at Christmas after the loss of someone special please contact The HUB.

Personalised Decorations to Remember Others

Personalised Decorations to Remember Others

Handmade Candles to Light at Christmas

Handmade Candles to Light at Christmas



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