Month: September 2015

Work Experience Student Emily Gill – talks about her time so far at The HUB

I have been at The HUB now for almost a month! Only one month left of my placement here and I will be sad to leave. My experience with The HUB will count towards my placement year which is my third year of university studying Psychology.

I came to The HUB thinking it would look good as part of my placement to get involved with a charity that works specifically towards young people, which is what I hope to do in the future. I had no idea I would enjoy my time here so far as much as I have! Being welcomed into the team how I was and being thrown straight into jobs to do was everything I had hoped. I came into my placement nervous about being in a workplace that is so hands on, and have gained skills and experience that will benefit me for the rest of my career.

I have really enjoyed being a part of Speak Out on a Friday afternoon along with demonstrating my arty side creating posters for the spokes of The HUB. It has been great being part of a team that spends just as much time out of the office as they do in. It is enlightening to see just how connected the agencies Guernsey has to offer really are, with meetings between Arts, Youth and Sports Commission, as well as HSSD, SHARE, Youth Justice and Neighbourhood Police. Visiting schools to watch assemblies and lessons and participating in some of the group environments The HUB has to offer has taught me that no day is ever the same.

The HUB’s Annual Report 2015

We are delighted to celebrate The HUB’s 3rd Birthday by releasing our annual report for the year 2014-2015.  We hope you enjoy reading it and spreading the word of the services we offer so we can support even more children, young people and families next year!

The HUB’s Annual Report 2014 2015

EPIC 48 Hour Challenge

Some of you may have encountered 5 inspirational people take on an EPIC challenge this weekend in Market Square. These dedicated individuals decided to run 48 hours on a treadmill to change lives across the world. The participants each had a charity of their choice, and The HUB’s Sunflower Project was fortunate enough to be one of those chosen charities.

Team HUB

5 of The HUB’s staff also decided to take on a mini challenge themselves by running as far as they could in a 4 hour period alongside the runners. Alarms were set, and at 5am they were ready!! Charlie, Oli, Denise, Adam and Emma were extremely proud to have run nearly 31 miles together as a team.

You can still donate to the challenge – please visit the Just Giving Page


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