Volunteer of the month – November 2016

starWe have decided to share a volunteers story and to thank them for going the extra mile, by nominating a ‘Volunteer of the month’ each month. This month it is our volunteer, Julie – read below to find out how amazing she has been.

Julie has been working with her mentee since February 2015, Julie has stood by her mentee and been able to support her through some really tough times. Julie has attended numerous multi-agency meetings and has been there to help her mentee to voice her views. Julie has been a reliable, consistent and supportive person for her mentee and has been there for them every step of the way. We have all been able to see a huge change in her mentee over time. This month Julie’s mentee said to her social worker that she no longer felt that she needed mentoring, as she was in such a ‘happy’ and ‘good’ place. I would like to thank Julie for all of her time and commitment which she gives as a mentor. It’s an end of an era!

Thank you, Julie!

Latvian Proclamation Day

The HUB are holding an exciting event for Latvian Proclamation Day on the 18th November! Between 18:00 and 20:00 at The HUB we will be celebrating Latvian Independence Day in true Latvian style. We will have Latvian food, Latvian music, members of Guernsey’s Latvian Association to answer any questions/discuss the history of Latvian, plus translation resources for anyone who wants to have a go at learning the Latvian language! Anyone and everyone are welcome – the more the merrier!

New staff member

lauraLaura has recently started at The HUB as a new Project Worker, here is her ‘about me’ :)

Hi everyone! I’m Laura, a ‘proper northern lass’ who has recently moved to the island with my Fiancé and fur-children… When I heard that The HUB were recruiting for a Project Worker I jumped straight in! I knew in my heart-of-hearts that this job was for me and true to that, it definitely is. I have been working at The HUB as a full-time Project Worker for just over a month now and have quickly fallen in-love with my new job! The motivation for helping young people shines through every day from my colleagues and our volunteers. It is inspiring to work in such a passionate, friendly and dedicated environment that is focused on helping young people the best we can. I am really looking forward to establishing new groups (that are hopefully starting soon!) organising exciting events, meeting new people and developing myself through my career at The HUB.


On the flip side, I am a proud owner of two gorgeous hounds: Poppy (Sighthound Lurcher) and Paddy (Border Collie) – he would walk the earth if we let him and he still would want another walk afterwards! We do enjoy walking long distances with them and tiring their little feet out. I have also just adopted two uber cute Guinea Pigs from the GSPCA who I have named ‘Heathcliff and Edgar’. Tea time is usually busy in our household: cooking for my partner and I, feeding the dogs some sort of kibble-y meaty dish, then veggies for the pigs!


Family aside: I am a weight-lifter hoping to enter some on-island/UK competitions in 2017. I also enjoy reading English Literature, studying Psychology, hoovering, ironing and rustling up new food dishes! My specialities are Shepherd’s Pie and Cadbury cheesecake.

We won!!!!!!!!!!!!! CI Equality and Diversity Award

We are absolutely delighted to inform you of an award we received last week from the Channel Islands Equality and Diversity Awards Evening.

‘Speak Out’ was nominated for the best Not for Profit Support Initiative and WE WON!

Speak Out is a support service run by The HUB, Barnardo’s and primarily supports young people who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity. Once a week Speak Out runs a youth group, which covers a wide range of topics from ‘coming out’, family support, gender identity, staying safe and where to find support. We have also been lucky enough to be visited by guest speakers who have delivered targeted sessions on internet safety and sexual health as well as having a visit from two States members. As we knew it would, Speak Out has uncovered the need for LGBT+ support for young people in Guernsey.

As well as providing information, advice and support to the young people, Speak Out also aims to build a community for young people who identify as LGBT+ on the island, so we have looked at more social aspects of the group – going bowling, having a picnic etc. Strong friendships have been made by young people attending the group from different schools who may to have met if this group did not exist. We have an online community on Facebook that the group uses to communicate to each other which is very population. Young people hope to create an online forum to develop content to help support other young people who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity.

“The group is a place where I can be myself and see loads of other people who are LGBT+.”

 “It’s practically a safe haven for me and my friends, where we can enjoy ourselves and openly talk about our sexuality and gender identity without being discriminated.”

 “It is nice to finally go somewhere without the fear of being judged.”

 “I hope that one day Speak Out can change the lives of the LGBT+ community in the Channel Islands, and the UK.”



SIBS picnic fun

On a warm sunny day in August our SIBS group went to the beach for a picnic. The picnic was a great chance for the group to meet again and catch up on how their summer has been and looking forward to the next academic year. Whilst at the beach we ate a lot of picnic food, and did lots of fun activities. We completed a scavenger hunt, went rock pooling and played various other games. It was a great chance for the children to have some time on their own and have 1:1 attention.

SIBS is a group for a children who have a sibling with a disability, we are looking to run another SIBS group so for further information please contact Rosie:


Another year at The HUB…

We’re delighted to share with you a summary of our annual report which you can find on the prezi link below.

We’re so proud of all the children, young people and families that we’ve met over the last year and so grateful to all of our partner agencies, volunteers and supporters, without whom, we wouldn’t be available for so many people.

If you’d like more information, or a copy of our full report, please get in touch.

Girls Night – Fish and Chips on the beach

Girls Night is a group for girls aged between 16 and 25 who have an additional need. Girls Night runs on the last Tuesday of every month, and gives the girls an opportunity to catch up with friends and have some fun. Each session is based on what the girls would like to do, as yesterday was our last session of the summer holidays we decided to meet for Fish and Chips on the beach. The weather was beautiful and sunny and the girls enjoyed having a chance to meet up outside of The HUB, together they talked about how their summer holidays had been and what they had planned for September. After finishing our chips we played some ball games and built amazing sand castles! We then all gathered to watch the sunset before heading home, it was a great evening and the girls are all looking forward to their session next month, where we have planned to sing on the karaoke!IMG_1236


Sunflower Project goes Go Karting – August 2016

Sometimes you have to be brave to have fun.  And so it was when we took eight 8-12 year olds go karting.  On one of the hottest afternoons this summer the mixed group got dressed up in thick racing overalls, balaclavas, helmets, neck guards and gloves before chasing each other around the Guernsey Karting track.  The race briefing was all about how to go, how to stop and what the signals meant.

There was a certain amount of anxiety before we started, the go karts go fast and you have to believe you can be in control.   The first lap was a journey into the unknown, particularly in a group where not everyone knew each other.  I was so impressed how they set off with caution and gradually speeded up – some more than others. The driver’s challenge was to beat their last lap time not someone in the next kart.


Everyone increased their skills and when they were flagged in at half time they formed a perfect line up.  At the end of the half hour they rolled in looking very hot and buzzing with excitement.


With some snacks to finish we heard a bit more about what it is like round the chicane or when the karts get too close.


We are very grateful to the lovely person who donated the session for eight young people to The HUB. A further huge thanks goes to Karting Guernsey who were brilliant.

For anyone who knows about the HUB staff challenge of 150 chocolate free days (our challenge to celebrate 150 years of Barnardo’s . If you would like to support us please check out I can assure you that the staff team (Grace nor I) did not eat any of the choc treats.

Line up


Denise Ozanne

Sunflower Project

Sexual Health Drop in

The Orchard Centre will be holding a drop in at The HUB every Friday from 3:45-5pm. At this drop in young people will be able to access, confidential advice, free condoms, self-screening for chlamydia and emergency contraception.


Laura, a sexual health nurse from The Orchard Centre will be coming into The HUB every Friday. We hope that by having a consistent drop in run by The Orchard Centre young people will feel more comfortable accessing the service.


If you would like to find out more about our sexual health drop in, then text 07781 122959.


Teddy Bears Picnic

On a sunny Saturday morning a Teddy Bears Picnic was held for children with additional needs. 6 families came along to enjoy the bouncy castle, play with the bats and balls, run around the field with their teddy’s, have a picnic and eat teddy bear cakes. The families thoroughly enjoyed the quieter atmosphere which allowed their children to be themselves. The parents had the opportunity to chat with each other knowing that their children were being supervised and played with by a group of volunteers from The HUB. Events like this are so important to allow the children to play and interact with others whilst allowing parents a chance to relax. Mum of a 3 year old ‘It was lovely to meet with other mums and dads. We had a lovely time! It’s so nice to find families with similar situations.’ Mum ‘It was really lovely to connect with others and both my child and I had a lovely time’

Teddy Bera

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